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Have You Experienced This?

My friend says to me “what is wrong with me”? And I jokingly say “You want the whole list now, do we have time”?  He says seriously “No, what I mean is why can't I get laid”?  

What do you say to the guy, hey man, you should have been around in cave man times when you could just drag one by the hair back to the cave any time that you wanted, but he was serious and I know his pain. 

You know that feeling of this sucks, now what? After my last western girlfriend dumped me, because she wasn't happy, and of course before they dump you they gotta drag you around for a while by the nut sack and really mess with your head.... and then beautiful thing happened, a friend of mine who had been through the same emotional roller coaster says “Dude come on out to Asia and I will show you the Fountain of Youth!" and the world suddenly becomes a kinder and gentler place again!

Sexy Smile

I remember as a young man a friend told me with a grin that he had never ever caught a fish unless he had a line in the water with bait on it. Online Personals can be a great way to meet horny Asian women. Looking for real sexy women? Meet someone now on the largest personals network ?

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Seeing is Believing

I couldn't believe the first time that I went to Bangkok I was there less than an hour and a sexy Thai Gal was on my arm and we played around and were literally joined at the hips for the next week and the thing is, this happens all the time to everyman and woman that goes to the Far East!

Asian Sexy Woman

"The first time that I used this stuff the girl said yes and I was getting hot sex for the first time in 6 months!"

"Thanks allot Dude"

Mick R California USA

"I went from No Way to All The Way Overnight Cheers!"

Sam P West Hampton England

Asian sex


Asian Women Western Men

The Secret In the West the women call the shots , but out here in the Wild Wild East, Men are Men and the sheep get a good night sleep. In the East there are so many women that if you use these tips regularly on Asian Women, you are going to get laid allot of times, and it works everywhere in the world!

Getting laid is so easy in Asia that I am surprised that the place isn't More over run with beat down Western guys suffering from Blue Balls!

Dating Asian Women is Easy!

Dating Asian Women is so much simpler than dating Western Women. No Money No Honey as they say is the rule of thumb, which is of course the same if you are in the West. how many times have you seen old guys who are loaded walking around with super hotties, sometimes more than one so who is bull shitting who here?

In Asia the top shelf ladies are not going to be hanging out long with the Cheap Charlie's but it doesn't take a lot of money in Asia and they think that you are loaded so it really works in your favor. If you are in a area where there are a lot of other western men don't be afraid to buy her and her friends a beer. Consider it a great investment in your sex life.

Sex Averages?

Think about this in a bar what percentage of the women do you think will be single? Not in a relationship? Not just out of a relationship and in the man hating stage? Of the hot and sexy woman that are left do you think will be looking to get laid tonight, right now? Think about it 50%  25% or more like 2% if you are really lucky!

Here is the deal, there is no pretending what this is about, It is about getting laid and 99% of the women that have their personals online want to get laid, they want Wild no holds barred sex.. See their Naked Pictures Now!

The Quest for Knowledge!

We set about finding out what was the secret to getting laid by Asian Women as fast as possible. It turns out that what works here, works everywhere! You need to meet them, confuse them, and have a big set of balls, Preferably not blue!

We had a bachelor pad in a large tourist city and we set about to discover what was the best way to getting sex as fast as possible. We used local women and tourists as our test subjects . Tom, Steve and I were tired of getting shut out, We did OK, but we felt that one in 10 to 15 attempts was too many and we were not rich guys that could afford to play the field every night, so we sat down and agreed that we would analyze and compared notes with each other and see if we could increase our success ratio, so over 3 years we worked on this project and watched and talked to other guys that were getting some, with one goal in mind getting it, and getting it quick.

The long and short of it is this, women regardless of where they come from want to get laid just as much as we want them.

3 Average Guys

We were three average guys. Tom worked a decent blue collar job. Steve was a taxi driver and student. I was a sales rep. We all spent allot of energy trying to get laid and allot of money as well! We were taking them out to nice places and spending more than we wanted to thinking that they would do us afterwards. Fair enough, we did get laid sometimes, but more often ending up going home alone after getting the ladies favorite whine" I just want to be friends" or "I am still getting over my last boy friend", to no excuse at all just a grandmother kiss on the cheek and lets do this again sometime blow off.

Bangkok Tits

Something had to change!

We knew that what we were doing wasn't working, and had all sorts of excuses for not getting SEX from there gay, to its that time of the month. We wanted to blame it all on the women, But they weren't the problem, we were! We were letting them go because we weren't doing what we were suppose to. Sometimes it seemed that the women needed to be so horny that they would throw themselves at us before we would try to bed them. What we were missing was this very simple point, the women want it just as much as the men do. I was so pathetic in missing this that one time I remember clearly, I was watching a movie and there was a hot scene and joked to my lady friend "that is so hot that I am going to whack off thinking about it tonight", just playing with her, and she says seriously "why wait till later"?

I have to admit I was a little dumb founded because I had been seeing her as "Friends" for over a year. So I whipped it out and she preceded to polish my knob, and then we went for it to get hers as well. It was then that I started to figured out that I must be doing something wrong. I know this as I asked her afterwards and she said she had always been interested I just never asked!

Sex Fetish

The Study

We found most guys, ourselves included, resort to begging as their approach or trying to sneak up on them and surprise them at what we thought was a good time, These approaches are totally obvious to the women, and guaranteed to turn them off. Women like confident men and they want men that are going to be the boss. Did you ever notice that the guys that seem like real hard cases are the ones that always gets the hot chicks?. When was the last time that you saw a accountant beating out a biker for the hot chicks, not very often except in chick flick movies or if the guy had lots of Cash!

The accountant will marry them, but the biker will get laid allot more, and on a more regular basis. What you need to do is to assure them that you are a confident man if you are going to get them into the sack anytime soon

There are guys that are tuned in naturally to what I am about to reveal to you and get allot more than there share because the women are still getting laid I assure you, when they want it.

Bikers and Accountants

Of course bikers and accounts are stereotypes, but is it really? How many times have you seen guys with women and wonder how they did it. I know that I had seen variations of these techniques before and thought that they were flukes, but the guys with out knowing it hit on the secretes. for example A guy I know meets this girl and in a crowed convention center says you want to see my unit, she says yes! So he takes her hand and sticks it right into his pants, straight down to his private parts! Now remember this is in a crowed convention center. She laughs and everybody else laughs, and after joking around for 30 minutes they leave for a night of wild sex!

It is hard wired by instinct into human men and women just like deer. Bucks need to mate allot Does are looking for the strongest buck that is going to provide for and protect them. Women only need to mate once, what you need to do is make sure that you are the one that gets it.

Big Tits Thai Women

How to meet the Hotties!

Open your eyes man Women are everywhere! Anytime that you come into contact with them is an opportunity, never miss a chance to take the piss out of hot women, I mean never. Store, planes, waiting outside a bathroom, it just doesn't matter, the more unexpected the place the better.

Just like everything else practice makes perfect. So start practicing. The fun thing is  that just like baseball you are going to get lucky and hit it out of the park a few times before you really get your swing down and just like at the bating cage, the more balls that you swing at the more you are going to hit.

Most guys are afraid of getting turned down and women can sense this, so when you are getting more than you can handle then it will not matter if one turns you down. Lets face it not all women are looking for men all the time, so if you do get turned down so what. When I was in sales I would get turned down allot everyday, but I was confident that every time that I got turned down that I was closer to a Yes.

Filipino Big tits

Dating in Asia Cheap

A good way to practice hitting on the Asian Women is to ask to take their photos Asian chicks just like women anywhere like to be made to think they are beautiful and what better way of saying it is to ask to take their picture!  Great ice breaker

Case 1

I saw that a hot Hawaiian Babe was having a bad day in the produce section of the grocery store, I went up to her and said you look like you could use a hug, and she immediately raps her arms around me and gave me a anaconda like hug, with I might add her very nice rack between us. Turns out she was having a bad day and I was exactly the distraction she was looking for.

After I pried her off me, I said "I can let you come to the beach with me tomorrow if you promise to behave yourself". She immediately said yes. Well we played in the surf all day, and then on the way home I noticed that she was absentmindedly massaging her tits and her nipples were fully erect inside her shirt seeing this I said are you more horny or hungry? She said horny, so in less than 24 hours I was having some very wild sex with a very fine Hawaiian lady.

Case 2

Steve I am riding my motorcycle and a chick at a stop light says nice bike. I say I got room for one and slap the seat hard with my hand, she hops on and I drive around for about 15 minutes not saying a word. I still don't know her name when I pull off the road and say "well you rode the bike how would you like to ride the driver"? she says only if I get tops"! Bingo and bango off to do the two back nasty we go. How many times have you had opportunities like that and didn't act on them, To many I bet!

Case 3

Tom I meet this hottie at work, So I tell this red headed large breasted bed thresher that I plan to eat at my "secret restaurant" tonight and I think that I can squeeze her in. On the way home after taking the piss out of her for the whole night at the restaurant cracking jokes left and right, I say you want to see my private beach, She says OK! So we are walking down this narrow dark path I grab her hand to lead her (broke the physical barrier again) and we get down to the beach. she says "wow this is great you don't find many places like this" I say "Its a great place to skinny dip" and take off my clothes and walk into the gentle surf.

No Begging, No Asking, No Pleading

I didn't say a word and within two minutes she is in the water buck ass naked with me. Push comes to shove and you can guess what we are up to I am thinking that she is going to drown me as she is on top and going for it hard, I mean I could a have made a fortune if I could have recorded it, it was some of the hottest sex I ever had! Now we were going at it for 30 minutes and I said I am not going to be able to get off with this raincoat on can you blow me She says I can try but I don't know if I am any good at it, 2 minutes later I have this toe curling explosion and I say wow that was really good she says "I'm glad, it was the first time for me in 12 years", I said "no way" and she said "its true I'm a lesbian!" Good thing I didn't ask!

Here's the secret

Entertain them, This is simple women like to laugh so look for things that will offer lots of opportunities for laughing, and look for things where you can take the piss out of them allot. Remember that they want you to be there protector, Ice skating, roller skating teach them something new what do you like to do that she would want to do. Take them to dinner for some frogs legs or some food that she doesn't normally eat and order by pointing to the menu, don't say what it is that you are ordering and keep her guessing what you ordered. Remember the refrigerator scene from the movie 6 weeks, it works !

Break the physical barrier!

When you were in grade school breaking the physical barrier was a tough one and it continued into high school and we finally started to get over it when we are in our 30s, which is when it seems like men and women finally get comfortable with our body parts, so when we are young we are trained to protect our space, but like the 4 minute mile once the barrier has been broken it is easy to go to new places, and you want to be heading for the erogenous zones as quickly as you can. I always find a way to touch a women as soon as possible.

Ask them to do you! like the physical barrier this is a tough one but I have seen a few guys do this and they all agree that if you ask some will say yes, more times than you would think possible. And think about it, if they are not going to be interested why waste time on them? Move on and ask some more out always remember practice makes perfect!

No More trying to Sneak up on them!

Remember the story earlier when I was talking about trying to sneak up on them well after I was using these techniques for a while I was in a bar with several women and men and for some reason this chick that looks like Kim Basinger says to me "I bet you think that if you take a women to dinner and a movie that you expect to get laid afterwards" and I said "not at all, some head would be fine". everybody at the table cracks up laughing hard, even her . Very Dangerous very unpredictable! I figured no way is this women ever going to forget that I embarrassed her like that. Fast forward two days later we run into each other again in a different bar, and end up going to my place in short order and having sex, and I never even bought her a drink because I let her know what I wanted by asking for it.

What we learned through trial and error was that you have to get inside the physical barrier as fast as possible, this can be real tough here in Asia, One of the ways that you can do this is by saying you look like you have some real positive energy tonight, can I see your hand? They will always give you the right but refuse it and ask for the left, so that you can see if they are married! Take their hand and place your index finger along the part of the hand where the fingers attach and say something like you got good energy tonight we should do something and not waste it, or your energy is real low were you out being bad last night! Always Be dangerous and unpredictable!

Go For It!

So you have broken the physical barrier the next thing is letting them know that you are serious about getting laid. Find a opportunity to stay close to her and brush their hair with your hand, and then give them a kiss on the mouth, at the same time take your other hand and stick it on her breast! Now everyone would think, and I know that we certainly did, that you would be getting slapped right and left on a regular basis, but of the hundreds of times that we have used this we were not slapped once!  Some times the ladies will brush it off, and some women will say to slow down, but allot of them will leave it there and if they do, you my friend you are going to get laid unless you do something seriously stupid.

Put Yourself in the Right Place!

Sex Averages?

Think about this in a bar what percentage of the women do you think will be single? Not in a relationship? Not just out of a relationship and in the man hating stage? Of the hot and sexy woman that are left do you think will be looking to get laid tonight, right now? 50%  25% or more like 2% if you are really lucky!

Here is the deal, with online dating sites there is no pretending what this it is about, It is about getting laid and 99% of the women that have their personals online want to get laid, they want Wild no holds barred sex..

Why else would they Show you their Tits!

Time and Money

Before you waste more time and money with your methods try the online personals. It costs less for a years subscription than a night out to the movies, and you get access to lots of women that want what you got today!

The Guarantee!

I guarantee that if you act like the guys above you Will get laid!

So you can't come to Asia today to tap the fountain of youth. So What can you do right now, well you can get online and go to Adult Friend Finder! Here's the deal, the women that are on Adult Friend Finder are just as horny as you are and by advertising on Adult Friend Finder they have raised a giant flag that says DO ME! Every time that I have meet a girl on line and then met them in person and used these strategies I have got laided, and most of the time on the first date. Talk to your friends that have been online and they will tell you that yes there are women there, and yes they do want to get laid.

And for you ladies that are reading this it works to find great men just as well There are no other real secrets other than showing up and don't talk about your ex & sex, and subtlety when it gets to that point in the conversation let on that you get laid regularly but that you are looking for something special.

What ever you do don't kiss their ass unless they have their panties around their ankles.

I remember as a young man a friend told me with a grin that he had never ever caught a fish unless he had a line in the water with bait on it. Online Personals can be a great way to meet horny Asian women. Looking for real sexy women? Meet someone now on the largest personals network ?

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