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Pattaya Sex

Pattaya Sex Tits

All you have to do is mention the name Pattaya and Sex comes to mind In Pattaya sex is the big draw with all sorts of adult entertainment available be it Sex massage, Gay sex, Tyranny sex, Beer bars where you can find Thai women interested in having fun to discos and just Walking Street in general where you can find all of the above and more.

Pattaya Women come from all over Thailand

Pattaya Sexy women come from all over Thailand and from else where as well their are Russian women Ukraine Ladies and you can find sex partners from other areas of the Eastern Block. More and more you can also find African Women looking for Western men to date as well!

The roads closest to the ocean is where you will find the majority of the adult stuff with some spas located further out that also offer things like sex massage. Walking street is the main area where there is action going on at night and everybody that comes to PAttaya Thailand ends up here at least for one night.

Sexy Thai Woman

Sex Action

Other areas where there is a lot of sex action like Blow Job bars you will find on Soi 13-1 23-2 and soi 13 itself.  The Pump Station was one of the first where they have bars that are set high up so that you can chat with your mates while a sexy Asian woman is blowing you.

Soi 6 there is sex action located upstairs at some of these bars the deal is here that you meet a lady downstairs that there is a mutual like and you go upstairs and get laid.  Many guys like to go to this area in the afternoon.

Russian Ladies Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street

Walking Street has a lot of street walkers as you would guess, that will smile at you and then it is up to you to go and start a conversation.  Pattaya Walking Street is also the best place to find the Eastern women that are on the prowl.

Another option same same but different from the discount rack for Bangkok Sex is the ocean front it is said that in the afternoon you might find ladies who are married slipping out for some sex on the side this can be a lot of fun as you can imagine as they really have a agenda and you are the main course!

As we stated earlier Online dating is a excellent way to find Asian Women interested in dating sex.  The friend finder network has lots of Bali and Indonesian women online on 3 different sites Adult Friend Finder which we highly recommend if you are looking for sex.  Asia Friend Finder which is more geared towards long term relationships and the Friend Finder network for the more timid.  The great thing about these 3 friend finders’ sites is that they work the world over as well as Gay as opposed to sites like Filipino Friend Finder which is specific to that community. You full access at home to find locals in your area interested in sex & dating and also set up meetings for when you come out on vacations to Bali Thailand or anywhere in Asia.

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